Brixwax are widely recognised for providing  some of the best furniture restoration products in the industry and a favoured choice buy professionals around the world.

With briwax’s history dating as far back as 1860 creating waxes and polishes for cabinetmakers in London it has grown from strength to strength expanding its product range and creating a wordwide brand.

Product Range

Sheradale Fine Furniture Wax

Sheradale is manufactured to a traditional formula using a range of waxes including pure Beeswax. It is recommended for use as a final finish on old and new wood to obtain a deep shine. It will retain the natural patina and bring out the full beauty of the wood. Particularly suitable for cherished and antique furniture.

Granite & Marble wax Polish

A specially prepared blend of natural waxes that will clean and leave a soft sheen to granite, marble, quarry tiles and terracotta.

Natural Creamed Beeswax

Manufactured to a traditional formulation using only the finest refined natural Beeswax, linseed oils and genuine turpentine. Natural Creamed Beeswax is the traditional natural way to clean and revive the natural colour of wood and enrich the patina of all good furniture. Briwax Creamed Beeswax is a mild cleaner and will help build the patina on your fine furniture.

Liming Wax

A smooth white tinted paste wax, formulated to produce a white grained finish in open grained timbers. Particularly effective on oak and similar timbers. It is most effective when applied directly onto the bare wood giving the deep white colouring, but for an even effect it can be applied onto stained and sealed surfaces. Some woods will benefit from opening the grain with a wire brush. Liming Wax can be overcoated with Clear Briwax for a more durable finish.

Briwax Floor Wax

Briwax floor wax is a blend of selected waxes to give an easy to apply, whilst hard-wearing, finish, which buffs to give a natural satin sheen wax finish to old or new wooden floors.

Briwax Spray Wax

The grain enhancing beauty of a Briwax finish, in an easy to use, convenient aerosol pack. Can be used in exactly the same way as Briwax or as a regular maintenance product for most types of furniture. Contains no silicones.

Briwax Furniture reviver/restorer

A special blend of solvents, formulated to clean, restore and revive most high quality furniture finishes. Will clean off any dust and grime, will remove the sticky remains of the household spray ‘polishes’ and give an excellent base for finishing with Briwax or Briwax Creamed Beeswax Polish.

Wax removing Solution

A special blend of mild and strong solvents formulated to remove wax finishes from a wide variety of timber. Designed to be used primarily on raw or sealed wax timber. More traditional furniture finishes should have any wax removed by using our furniture Reviver / Restorer.

Shellac Sanding Sealer

A traditional style sealer. Formulated using the natural, harvested shellac. It forms an ideal base for any of our wax polishes, or for the other shellac based polishes, such as French Polish or Button Polish. Shellac Sanding Sealer uses alcohol to dissolve the shellac, and as a result dries very quickly. When combined with our Briwax or Briwax Original it enables a grain enhancing complete finish to be applied to shelves, architraves, banisters, skirting, softwood dado rails or a piece of unfinished timber furniture in just one afternoon.

Softwax Filler Sticks

Softwax Filler Sticks are a blend of waxes, pigments and stains which are designed for the quick and easy repair of scratches, cracks and small holes on wooden and plastic surfaces.Aspatula is included for easy application.

Briwax Touchup Pens

Easy to use pens with a soft felt tip combined with a unique pump action valve system, perfect for disguising blemishes and scratches on finished wood surfaces. The dyes and pigments are water-based.

Briwax Danish Oil

Briwax Danish Oil is a blend of oils and resins which seal, feed and finish all varieties of wood. The penetrating finish dries to a satin finish within a couple of days without leaving a surface film to chip or scratch. Danish Oil can be overcoated with Briwax for a soft sheen.

Teak Oil

Briwax Teak Oil is a blend of oils and resins which seal, feed and finish all varieties of wood. The penetrating finish dries to a gloss finish within a couple of days without leaving a surface film to chip or scratch. Teak Oil is often used on garden furniture, or similar items.

Briwax Wax Polish

Wax polish offers the simplest of finishes to unfinished / raw timber or the final touch to a full French polished surface whether in the home or the workshop.A blend of Beeswax and Carnauba waxes to give an instant natural sheen to bare wood or wood prepared with Shellac Sanding Sealer. Ideal for woodcarvings and turned wood, for floors and skirtings. Briwax cleans and protects wood, metalwork even melamine. Briwax is available in Clear, which maintains the natural colour of the wood, and 13 wood shades to stain and wax in one operation. Easily applied with 0000 Steel Wool, Briwax brushes or cloth.

Briwax Original Wax

Both waxes are formulated to produce the Briwax finish on finished and unfinished timber. The Briwax has been blended with slightly milder solvents, so that it gives off less odour whilst drying, whilst at the same time providing and smooth wax application and finish. The film remains as a paste for slightly longer to aid the even application. Briwax Original is formulated with fast drying, stronger solvents which speed up drying, and also increase the cleaning ability of the wax slightly. This means that it will renovate older dirtier furniture. The choice is yours, either product will leave you with the deep grain enriching BRIWAX shine.


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